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About Teach the Future :

Teach the Future Fellowship is a grass roots organization of likeminded educators from public and private schools in the Savannah area who commit to learn more about the creative enterprises and industries that exist in our local community, sponsored by St. Andrew’s School.

Through the fellowship, educators will connect with local resources and individuals that they can access as guest speakers and facilitators back in their school and classroom, connecting students directly with experts in technology and innovation.

In learning more in-depth about the opportunities and challenges of our local region in and around Savannah, educators will gain tools with which we can develop our students to become the innovative leaders that will contribute to our civic, social, economic, and technological wellbeing in the future.

If you want to learn more about them click here

Community Innovators : 

Our Community Innovators share their time, talents, and experiences with educators to help brainstorm how we mold education to prepare our students to be leaders and change agents.  Interested in joining us?  Click here to be a partner.

Yvonne Jouffrault

Founder of Tour Buddy Apps

Entrepreneur in Residence for ATDC

Kevin Lawver

Senior Web Developer at Planted

Bethany Armstrong

Designer / Educator / Director

Professor, SCAD

Eddie Edenfield

Co-Founder, CTO at OpenAngler

Sean Brandon

Management Services Bureau Chief at City of Savannah

Kathleen Fritz

CEO/Founder at CREATOMbuilder

Erik Reagan

Co-Founder/Director at Focus Lab, LLC

Steven Scarborough

Designer at Focus Lab, LLC


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