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Codebase Mobile Dev Demo Day

Eleven students. Eight weeks. Infinite possibilities.

Coding is the new literacy, and mobile is bigger than ever. For the last eight weeks, eleven students have been learning the tools and tricks of the trade in order to apply their skills to solving real problems.

Join us on Friday, November 17, to learn about a problem facing real people in Savannah … and to see some unique soutions via the wizardry of app development.

Here’s why you should be there:

If you employ mobile developers (or would like to), you’ll have a chance to chat with talented fledgling developers and get a sense of their skills. Codebase grads have been trained to work from a spec and take advantage of available resources to solve problems independently.

If you need someone to build your iPhone app, tell us about your project! Codebase aims to hire top performers to work on MVP-level projects as an extension of the learning process, which will mean savings on development costs for the client (that’s you!).

If you want to learn how to develop apps, you’ll be able to talk to instructors about the program and grads about their experiences. No programming experience necessary!

If a family member or friend is a recent grad, you’ll be able to see the fruits of their labor and help them celebrate the achievement of learning a new skill.

If you’re part of Savannah’s tech community, come and witness its growth WITH YOUR OWN EYES!

And if you’re just curious? There will be beer and a LOT of cool people. The event is free and you can register HERE


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