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It’s 2019. Got an idea for a new business? Got an “old” business that you want to take the next level?

Then the Creative Coast has a program for you!

The Creative Coast Idea Accelerator Bootcamp powered by ATDC is a 12-week educational and mentoring program designed as a road map for new entrepreneurs and business owners who want to scale their companies.

The program focuses on the importance of validation and planning considerations, including creating a strong “why” for your entrepreneurship journey, lean startup principles and customer discovery, building financial models, and communicating your story effectively to investors, employees and customers.

The program is taught by Jen Bonnett, Recovering Entrepreneur/StartupChick and Executive Director of the Creative Coast, with the assistance of a pool of very talented mentors/subject-matter-experts at every stage.

Program Schedule

Session 1: February 6
“Start with the Why”
This introductory session will cover an overview of the Idea Accelerator Bootcamp and the entrepreneurial journey, specifically your entrepreneurial journey.

Session 2: February 13
“Customer Discovery/Lean Startup Overview”
Overview of the Business Model Canvas and customer discovery process.

Session 3: February 20
“How to Conduct a Customer Interview”
Conducting an interview without selling or leading the witness, in this session we learn some tools of the trade and practice.

Session 4: February 27
“Define your Customer Archetype/Persona”
Knowing your customer intimately is the key to success for any entrepreneur. In this session, we will do a deep dive into your customer persona.

Session 5: March 6
“Define Customer Journey OR Follow the Money Trail”
What’s the purchasing cycle for your customer? And who are the six customer types you need to convince to sell your product?

Session 6: March 13
“Pivot or Persevere”
Checkpoint to determine whether you are ready to advance in the process.

Session 7: March 20
“Financial Literacy for Startup Entrepreneurs”
If you are going to run a business, you need to understand cashflow. We’ll take the key assumptions discovered in your customer discovery and figure out how to build a financial model around them.

Session 8: March 27
“Financial Model Review”
Meet with mentors and have them assist you with your financial model.

Session 9: April 3
“Making It Real”
By this stage, we know our customer AND how we are making money. So, let’s get in the weeds around the legal aspects of actually starting your business: incorporation, shareholders agreements, NDAs, Assignments of Work, and IP.

Session 10: April 10
“Elevator Pitch/Executive Summary”
All our I’s are dotted and our T’s crossed. Let’s get ready to tell the world about our startup, both through the elevator pitch and the one-pager.

Session 11: April 17
“The Pitch”
Some of you will need to pitch either investors or large corporate clients. In this session we’ll discuss what makes a great pitch.

Session 12: April 24
“Pitch Practice: Because Practice Makes Perfect”
Need we say more?

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