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We know a lot of folks are now starting up their job search, or have already been searching, and we want to help!  We’ve lined up a stellar panel of volunteers who would be happy to review your resume for you, talk about job search strategies, give you a pep talk or discuss that startup you’ve always wanted to build.

Here’s how this works:

  • Pick your volunteer from the list and click their name. That will take you to their public calendar.
  • Claim a time slot!
  • If you’re asking for a resume review, please send them your resume before the morning of the 14th so they have time to review it.
  • Join their Google Meet or Zoom at your appointed time and get some help!

No big webinars, no waiting rooms, just a chat.

Office Hours Volunteers

Click their name to go to their public calendar, pick a time slot, and get to chattin’!

  • Jen Bonnett – Executive Director @ The Creative Coast: Jen knows everything about startups, getting things done and how to find resources for your business.
  • Elbi Elm – Founder of The Culturist Union: I can talk about military vets transitioning into entrepreneurs, I love helping wantrepreneurs become entrepreneurs. I can talk social media marketing, finding authenticity when selling a product, food, kids, how to find your tribe. whatever!
  • Rad Harrell – CEO/Founder @ TalentSoup: Rad is a serial entrepreneur, startup vet, strategy guru and all-around helpful guy.  Will help review your resume too.
  • Mark Sutton – Mark is experienced with the leadership, growth, sales & marketing aspects of SaaS-based platform and can discuss Go to Market execution, getting your first sales, refining product-market fit, finding your ideal customer profile (ICP), sales vs marketing – where to spend $ in the early days and other realities of bringing B2B2C technology products to market.
  • Kevin Lawver – CTO @ Planted, Cofounder/Director @ TechSAV: Willing to do resume reviews, talk about startup life, remote work, web development, career switching/pivots, baking or BBQ.
  • Yvonne Jouffrault – Product strategy & startups:  Yvonne has worked with dozens of startups as a founder, advisor, investor and employee.  She loves to help connect people and will be happy to give resume advice and try to make any introductions that might be helpful.
  • Your name here!

Please reach out if you have any questions!  We’re looking forward to seeing how this goes!

If you’d like to crowdsource your resume review or get advice from a bunch of people, we have a #career-board channel in Slack where folks post job opportunities and provide feedback on resumes and job descriptions.  If you’re not in the TechSAV Slack, send an email to and request an invite!


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