TechSAV has been going strong since 2016 and we are growing our community and bringing people together every week in Savannah.  We are deeply committed to educating people in Savannah who want to break into tech, connecting people who work in tech here and promoting local tech companies.  This is a slow process that we know takes time, effort and a community of devoted people who believe in Savannah and its people.  We are a group of volunteers who put together monthly events, newsletters and a Slack group to bring people together to on a regular basis to make good stuff happen.

Being a Friend of TechSAV means you are supporting our mission through your donation.  For $250/year, your logo will be put on our website and every single newsletter that we send out to over 450 people (and growing!).  While we have no paid staff, we have financial needs such as paying for Meetup, hosting fees and other yearly fees. We’d also really like to market our programs to people in Savannah who could use them, and keep growing the tech community!

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