Kids Coding Events in Savannah

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The most popular feature on Kodestars was our page of resources for learning how to code.  We’ve recreated that page here so the links can live on!

Curriculum and Community

It can be hard to get started. The tools below provide curriculum and lesson plans for teachers at all levels to get started teaching kids how to code!

  • CS First – Turn key free curriculum for teaching kids how to build games with Scratch.
  • has a very large resource list to try out.
  • Mozilla Webmaker Teaching Resources includes tons of tools and guides for building the web.
  • CoderDojo is a global non-profit for starting a coding club for kids.
  • is a community for kids to learn to make things.
  • CS Unplugged has activities you can do without a computer to teach programming fundamentals.

For the smallest ones (5-8)

For the elementary schoolers (7-12)

  • Stencyl Very similar to Scratch but centered around making games. Lots of power, but still drag and drop.
  • KhanAcademy Combines interactive JavaScript exercises with videos.
  • CodeCombat. Learn JavaScript through a game. Similar to RubyWarrior. <>
  • Twinery – Easy to use tool for creating Choose Your Own Adventure-style interactive fiction.
  • GameSalad

For the teenagers and beyond (13 -> )

  • Phaser – Build games with HTML, CSS and Javascript!
  • Codecademy – Interactive exercises in the browser for Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Codeschool – Dive deeper into different programming languages.
  • Dash – Learn to make websites with an interactive tutorial.
  • Games Are For Everyone! – A bunch of links to resources to get your started building your own games.

Ruby for All Ages

Ruby is a great first programming language. The syntax is straightforward and the design is modern. It’s used by thousands of companies and in the popular open source web framework, Ruby on Rails.