About TechSAV

TechSAV is a community of tech, tech-curious, and remote workers in Savannah, GA. We exist to help grow the tech community, give remote workers a place to meet fellow dorks, geeks and nerds, and to give folks who are tech curious an easy path to getting into tech!

COVID slowed us down a lot. We haven't been able to restart all of our programs yet, but we do have an active community on Slack and hold monthly happy hours on Meetup!

Get involved

Want to get involved? Join the meetup! As part of that process, you can let us know you'd like to join us in Slack, and we'll send you an invite!

We're working towards getting coding classes going again, and there's usually some kind of trouble brewing in Slack, so stay tuned!

Get in touch

We love to hear from the community - especially if you're tech curious, or a teacher who needs a tech-related speaker in your class or event!